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Remember back in the day when furniture wasuilt to last a lifetime, our selection is so unique, real down home country and If you enjoy the rough rustic look of the old west, then come on by and see us we’ll keep you grinning like a cat in a birdhouse.
Alabama’s Largest Old West – Million Dollar Rustic Furniture Showroom – Fort Payne – Rainsville AL
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Our customers are the greatest, so we work hard to provide you with excellent selections and assortment of Old West Furniture for your home to cabin farmhouse lifestyle. 

Our showroom is amazing and best of all we take pride in the items we custom build locally to give my friends long lasting value living room, bedroom and dining room furniture that we make right here in America, by American Workers and only use the best quality products made in USA 

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Many of us (especially women) find that we have a timeline mapped out in our heads with how our lives will play out. Landing that big job at 25, married by 27, kids by 30 is not a lot of time to accomplish those 3 big monumental life events. If your goals are stacked heavily on top of each other that sets you up for a lot of work and not a lot of living in between. Start Living Today, 

Let us Custom Build Your Next Home to Cabin Farmhouse Renovation, We’ll help you create a stylish country western room in your home for wayy less and you won’t have to pay interior decorators to do it.

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Barter Post - The Barter Man Jimmy Joliet Rainsville AL 

“The Barter Man” Jimmy Joliet Rainsville AL Since July 2010

Welcome, Furniture Stores Near Me: Barter Post Furniture & MattressLumbar Cool MattressOld West FurnitureEasyPay Furniture Outlet,  – We offer a full line of New Furniture Store, Rustic Furniture Store, Mattress Store, Mattresses for Sale, Bedroom Furniture, Bed Store, Living Room Furniture Store, Dining Room Furniture Store, – Since we opened our business in Jul 2010, we have sold over 8000 Mattresses and tons of New and Rustic Furniture.

This is My BIO:

Barter Post – Furniture & Mattress in Rainsville AL

When the storm of 2010 came thru tornadoes devastated our friends here on Sand Mountain in Dekalb County AL. We wanted to make a difference by letting the community shop for furniture, mattresses, home decor and whatever they needed to rebuild their homes around the Tennessee Valley.

We opened our catalogs and only charged the wholesale cost and we only added a 10% profit. Our business has exploded with popularity since then and we are proud to be a part of this great community. We continue to bring in a better selection of home furnishings at a price everyone in the community can afford.

We are pleased to welcome friends from all over the Tri-State area from Alabama, Tennessee and Georgia. We are a local family owned business in Rainsville serving so many of our friends from other communities like, Fort Payne, Scottsboro, Albertville, Gadsden, Guntersville, We have served so many families within the greater Huntsville AL are to Cullman AL, to Rome GA and as far North as Chattanooga TN and the surrounding cities.

So when you get cabin fever, sell your home, or even remodel your home, come visit Barter Post for the Biggest Friends Discount Furniture Store and Mattress Store featuring EasyPay for Way Less!

God, Family & Friends:

We are located on top of Sand Mountain in the heart of Dekalb County Alabama. Each day our friends drive over 150 miles even more to come visit us from places like, Albertville, Scottsboro, Fort Payne, Gadsden, Birmingham, Huntsville, Cullman, Guntersville, Grant, New Hope, Dogtown, Powell, Ider, Sylvania, Henagar, Trenton GA, Summerville GA, Atlanta GA, Rome GA, Chattanooga TN, Jasper TN, Nashville TN